About NAP


The NATIONAL ACADEMY OF PHOTOGRAPHY (NAP), based in Kolkata, is all set to provide a unique platform of learning to those interested in pursuing a career in professional photography as well as to anyone looking for a way to enrich and perfect his or her flair in the field. This kind of photographic academy is first in EASTERN INDIA.

The training techniques at the institute are both innovative yet intense. Based on a course curriculum that has been painstakingly drawn up by a distinguished faculty of award winning photographers.

Be it fashion photography, glamour, wildlife, portrait, advertising commercial, journalism, digital imaging or any other camera skill – NAP proposes to teach the complete techniques and yet keep alive the individuality of each student in terms of style.

As a matter of fact, the prime focus at NAP is on “creativity”… on nurturing the passion within… without which, no art is complete.

Photography, too, is no static art form. And at NAP students will be encouraged to view it with an open mind and use their own sensibilities and interpretations to produce great images.

Still Photography to Processing Techniques – the lessons encompass every relevant sphere. In addition to these are on-location and studio training, access to the latest tools, workshops, exhibitions, expositions – all.

Part of the agenda at the Academy also includes interactive sessions with eminent personalities from the world of Motion Pictures and Photography – so that students can absorb and learn from exciting first hand experiences.

NAP has also arranged for an exclusive Gallery to promote Photography as an art form. The institute has plans to build a special archive as well, where a collection of National & International photographs of various ages will be preserved for research studies.

All in all, NAP is geared to set a benchmark in teaching photography in its pure form… and to be valued as the ‘gurukul’ of true-breed professionals by students, both from India and abroad.

The NATIONAL ACADEMY OF PHOTOGRAPHY, a non-trading centre of excellence in the field of photography aspires to see the medium through an all-new vista. If music be the food for love then thought is surely the food for art; there is a novel deliberation that is induced here that one needs to nourish the intellectual faculties.

Life is build up with tableau of experiences, perceptions that make us what we are. At NAP, the aim is to stride a step further to unrealized realms of our abilities.



The social and emotional feeling towards life with striving for power also plays a great role in our life. Owing to this fact, we have some ideas and imaginations to promote photography as visual art.

The basic aims and objectives are:

  • To develop the awareness towards Ccreative photography. It’s a fact that, there is no mass awareness that, photographs with a good artistic value can be collected as an art piece.
  • To promote photography as visual art.
  • Establishment of a non-trading centre of excellence in the field of photography.
  • To provide a unique platform for learning to those interested in pursuing a career in the Professional Photography as well as to any one looking for a way to enrich his or her flair in the field.
  • Arranging for an exclusive gallery to promote photography as an art form. It exists in a miniature form at Academy’s studio floor.
  • To build a photo archive of national & international photographs of various ages for research Studies.
  • To conduct nature camps for creating awareness about Conservation of nature & wildlife as well as environment through the media of Photography.
  • To guide students for participation in National & International Salons.
  • Arrangements for contacts with Colleges & Universities abroad for the higher studies of the students in the field of Photography & Visual Communications.