Celebrate 180th year of Photography
An International Exhibition for the Promotion of Art Photography
& Display of Old Cameras.

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Admission Open

We have started our new session from April 2019. And a every month new budding photographers are joining at our institution to hone up their skills and creativity.

Admission for August and September batches are going on and we have limited seats available.

Hurry Up!! Its now or never

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Our Aims and Objectives

The social and emotional feeling towards life with striving for power also plays a great role in our life. Owing to this fact, we have some ideas and imaginations to promote photography as visual art.

The basic aims and objectives are:

1. To DEVELOP the AWARENESS towards CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY. It’s a fact that, there is no mass awareness that, photographs with a good artistic value can be collected as an art piece.

2. To PROMOTE photography as VISUAL ARTS.

3. Establishment of a NON-TRADING CENTRE of EXCELLENCE in the field of photography.

4. To provide a unique platform for learning to those interested in pursuing a career in the Professional Photography as well as to any one looking for a way to enrich his or her flair in the field.

5. Arranging for an EXCLUSIVE GALLERY to promote photography as an art form. It exists in a miniature form at Academy’s studio floor.

6. To build a PHOTO ARCHIVE of NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL photographs of various ages for RESEARCH Studies.

7. To conduct NATURE CAMPS for creating awareness about Conservation of NATURE & WILDLIFE as well as ENVIRONMENT through the media of Photography.

8.  To guide students for participation in National & International Salons.

9. Arrangements for contacts with Colleges & Universities ABROAD for the higher studies of the students in the field of Photography & Visual Communications.   

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